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How It Works

You schedule the date and time. We come to your event with the requested number of holes, props, putters, balls, pencils and score cards. With your input, we set-up the holes in the requested space. Please keep in mind that a circular course around your space generally works best. The goal is to have a smooth flowing event that has the start and finish near each other.

You play for the allotted time and then we pack-up the event and leave your office as it was when we arrived.

A 9-hole course takes about 30 minutes for a group of 4 people to play.  An 18-hole course takes about 40-45 minutes. Time can vary based on layout and group size.

Always check with your Facilities Management before the event to see if your building has any special times or rules for delivery of the materials.

Set-up usually take about an hour depending on access and the office location. Clean-up can be done in about 45 minutes.